Along with regionally accredited education through Southeastern University and a comprehensive internship with Mission Church, Mission College provides several life-changing experiences for students to grow in their relationships with God and others and discover their unique calling. 


Students will attend two spiritual retreats. The first retreat is located in stunning Lake Tahoe and occurs at the beginning of the school year. This is an opportunity for students to encounter the transformative presence of Jesus and prepare for the year ahead.

The second is in Los Angeles and occurs toward the end of the school year. The retreat is aimed at celebrating all of the accomplishments throughout the year and further aiding them in their discovery who they are and what they are uniquely created by God to do with their lives.  


Students will participate in one international Missions Trip. The trip will be led by Mission Church staff and in partnership with a trusted missions-oriented organization. This trip will occur in the springtime.

missions trips

Family days are a monthly opportunity for students to celebrate what God is doing in and through their lives, as well as celebrate their investment in Mission Church. It is also an opportunity to hang out with Mission Church staff in a relational context. Family days change in location and event, ranging anywhere from trips to San Francisco to Santa Cruz.

family days

Mission College believes that following Jesus is wholistic: “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). Students receive a gym membership while attending Mission College. No matter where a student is in regards to fitness and nutrition, students are simply asked to take the next step toward health. Weekly workouts take place to create a sense of comradery in this venture.


Because Mission College is centrally located in Walnut Creek, students are able to experience the Bay Area and all of its wonders. Downtown Walnut Creek is a “miniature Beverly Hills” – brimming with stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and theaters.

San Francisco is only a 45-minute drive away, and the list of fun things to do is virtually endless (Golden Gate, Pier 39, Union Square, etc.)!  For a beach experience, Santa Cruz is only an hour and a half away. Beautiful Lake Tahoe and Half Dome are within driving distance, as well.

If students are sports fans, the legendary Golden State Warriors play thirty minutes from Walnut Creek, not to mention all of the other Bay Area teams. Needless to say, the opportunities for fun, community, and entertainment are almost limitless in the Bay Area.

the bay area